Our approaches describe the tools available to all friends, members, and contributors of JSF to interact with our FOCUS AREAS – Humanity, Environment, and Civil Society. These tools define the modalities of how we collaborate, invest, and convene with all our JSF Initiatives and JSF Supported Projects.

    Collaborating with JSF Supported Projects can either be done by encouraging our friends, members, contributors to collaborate via JSF or directly with the management or coordinators of the JSF Supported Projects.
    JSF invests its funds and resources across both JSF Initiatives and JSF Supported Projects. The JSF funds can be used as mission-related investments and supporting contributions or in advocacy activities. The JSF resources – time, expertise, and connections – of JSF and its Board of Directors, its management, its friends, members, volunteers are made available to both JSF Initiatives as well as JSF Supported Projects on a case-by-case contractual basis.
    JSF encourages, organizes, and plans to convene often in smaller groups, in person or online, as well as in plenary session meetings and conventions to continuously update all key groups and stakeholders in order to calibrate the leadership of the JSF Initiatives and management of the JSF Supported Projects. There shall be one global gathering, symposium, convention, conference, or summit for all global JSF Initiatives on a frequency from one to three times per 3-year cycle. This frequency will be decided on based on and in function of necessity for the optimum management and leadership of the JSF Initiatives for the benefit of its stakeholders.