How We Select Projects

Screening and Selection

The screening and selection of new initiatives and projects starts with ongoing meetings world wide on all the topics that concern Johan Schotte Foundation and with an analysis of needs that are either adressed or not yet addressed. Then follows an analysis to evaluate whether any new endeavor can be created and supported as a JSF Initiative or a JSF Supported Project. Next follows an internal calculation to determine whether we can lead, handle, or manage the respective initiative or projects and how resources need to be allocated provided it becomes clear at that point whether we might create the initiative or not or whether our contribution will be more effective and impactful by improving and scaling the endeavor as a JSF Supported Project.

Approval Process

The approval process to select new JSF Initiatives and JSF Supported Projects is based on a thorough evaluation of study and research-based analysis of each activity to be created or already existing activity, assisted by a panel of industry or focus area experts, for final approval by the JSF Board of Directors.