Focus Area: Humanity

JSF Initiatives

There are two projects in final stages of development which are expected to be ready for launch in 2015.

Cycling For Peace

Organize a high profile and branded support program with global reach to assist the people most in need of a bicycle as a mode of transport for the speedier “advancement” of the essential quality of human life whether needing a bicycle to attend school, commute to work, or expand a micro-financed enterprise.

To ensure that every child or parent, irrespective of race, national origin, gender, beliefs, ideas, that can be helped in the “advancement” of their daily lives with the support of a bicycle anywhere around the globe is entitled to one and shall not be left behind.

World Peace & Harmony Through Music

The Foundation is working with Brian Ross of the International Music Commission, supporting the creation and sharing of music across national borders as an intercultural vector for understanding, respect, and social justice among all peoples of the world.

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JSF Supported Projects


The UNGSII Foundation was created to assist and accelerate the implementation of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. JSF is supporting UNGSII’s SDG Cities Platform.

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The United Nations Development Programme, Office for South-South Cooperation, South-South Global Assets and Technology Exchange

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WUNRN Europe – Women’s UN Report Network

JSF has elected to support and work in tandem with WUNRN and WUNRN EUROPE because our values are fully aligned and in harmony. We have held various joint initiatives at the United Nations since 2013.

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