World Peace & Harmony Through Music


imc-logo-blueBrian Ross, life-member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (The Grammys), as well as life member of both SAG-AFTRA and the American Federation of Musicians, has both conceived and created World Peace & Harmony Through Music®. Brian has joined forces with Johan Schotte, founder/Chairman of JSF who has created a fully detailed action and global marketing plan. This confidential document and memorandum is available upon request to highly qualified investor candidates, with an NDA required.

JSF is responsible for incorporating the funding, investment protocols and logistics for this music initiative, thereby, achieving a unique hybrid and blending of commerce and philanthropy. JSF and Brian Ross anticipate generating high-quality income coupled with our developing many new income-generating business opportunities associated with this cultural music and entertainment venture.

The JSF action plan covers a total of 26-individual already proven music and record industry business disciplines. By example, here are six:

  1. Music and Records,
  2. Global Talent Development,
  3. Music Publishing and Music Licensing,
  4. Music Concerts and Special Events,
  5. Live Streaming of Major Music Events Over The Internet via Satellite utilizing “pay-per-view” technology,
  6. Constructing new, state-of-the-art recording studios in China, the Middle East-North Africa and other nations of the world.

Each one of these individual categories have been purposely organized so as to be worthy of serious consideration by our investor and/or benefactor, each on their own respective merits, by profitability, distribution power, measurable impact, increased commerce, or borderless harmony among peoples towards World Peace.

We sincerely believe that focusing our efforts and financial resources on developing the entire vision, as we progress with the individual components and categories, will significantly enhance and actualize our opportunity for success and profitability.


Both, Johan Schotte, founder/Chairman of the Johan Schotte Foundation and Brian Ross, Chairman/CEO of the International Music Commission, have joined together to bring intrinsic, instrumental and institutional value to this project which is true, sustainable, and, most of all, beneficial. As we move forward with our mission towards World Peace and Harmony (WP&H) our core value system remains fully focused on developing a high level of trust with our investors, benefactors as well as the public and consumers of art and culture in every nation of the world. This will encompass and entail full support and advocacy of creating, playing, using, sharing and streaming music across national borders, in general, as an intercultural vector for understanding, respecting, and bringing social justice among all peoples of the world.

World Peace & Harmony Through Music® (WP&H) is a completely self-sustaining project with an unlimited lifespan incorporating a unique, innovative and extraordinary blending of commerce and philanthropy.

By way of short summary, WP&H is the first project of its kind, in the history of the music and record industry, from inception to present, which provides unprecedented, one-of-a-kind, multiple global career building opportunities for deserving artists, performers, musicians, songwriter’s and composers to express, market and fully monetize their creative output. WP&H will incorporate the full implementation of six key music and record industry business disciplines consisting of: Manufacturing, Distribution, Promotion, Marketing, Merchandising and Licensing of their music and intellectual properties throughout the United States of America, Europe and the rest of the world. In addition to this, artists selected and signed on for this project will receive the full benefits of professional guidance, press, publicity, public relations and social media integration.

WP&H presents exponential opportunities for new and undiscovered talent as well as for already successful fully established acts. This includes talent from outside of the United States of America providing artists with the platform to take full advantage of everything WP&H has to offer. WP&H features our team of professionally experienced expert music executives, with proven track records, who will be tasked to introduce these top talents, in each individual nation of the world, to music consumers on a global basis who would otherwise never have such access as WP&H provides. JSF and Brian Ross will insure that each and every artist of every country that posses a high level of talent and ability, and are deserving of this opportunity, will have full and complete access to our global A&R executive staff to have their music reviewed. Our doors will always remain open to audition new and deserving talent.

World Peace & Harmony Through Music® is a registered trademark of Brian Ross.