Women’s UN Report Network

WUNRN EUROPE ASBL – Women’s UN Report Network is a gender-focused NGO incorporated in Belgium with accreditation at the European Parliament.

WUNRN and its European initiative WUNRN EUROPE address the human rights, oppression, and empowerment of women and girls all over the world. WUNRN, based on a UN study, has been active globally since 2004.

WUNRN EUROPE is seeking expert advice on engaging in cross-sectoral relationships, meeting consortia and networks, accessing potential funders, while creating an Advisory Council and building a small yet significant infrastructure wherein Social Communications are a priority.

On a daily basis, WUNRN and WUNRN EUROPE release the most expansive archives/resource collection on women’s and girls’ issues in the world.

WUNRN EUROPE pivotal gender issues in Greater Europe, and regional/international themes of importance to Europeans. The global WUNRN program reaches over ¾ of UN Member States every day. WUNRN EUROPE has full coverage throughout the European continent.

WUNRN EUROPE has relationships with European Union MEPs, EU institutions and power structures for policy impact, such as the FEMM Committee on Women’s Rights & Gender Equality.

WUNRN EUROPE reflects WUNRN’s years of engagement and leadership at the United Nations Human Rights Council, the UN Commission on the Status of Women, the UN General Assembly, UN Treaty Body Committees as the CEDAW Committee (Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women), and FAO and its CFS-Committee on World Food Security. WUNRN EUROPE looks forward to making links between the EU and the UN to support WUNRN EUROPE’s gender work multilaterally.

WUNRN EUROPE builds on WUNRN’s cross-sectoral relationships as with a broad spectrum of EU institutions, governments, academia, private sector, foundations, and networks.


*Poverty, Extreme Poverty – *Right to Food, Nutrition/Malnutrition – *Health, Physical & Mental – *Education of Girls & Women – *Women & Girls with Disabilities – *Water & Sanitation – *Women & Work – *European Union – *Child Marriage & Motherhood – *Women & Caregiving – *Housing/Shelter, Homelessness – *Land & Property Rights – *Women & Agriculture – *Urbanisation & Slums – *War & Conflict – *Refugee Status – *Internal Displacement – *Violence-Abuse-Safety-Rape-Femicide – *Trafficking – *Social Security – *Political Representation – *Women & Technology – *Women & Media – *Migration, Immigration – *Statelessness – *Minority & Indigenous Issues – *Culture & Traditions – *Climate Change – *Natural Disasters – *Legal Rights, Women & Justice – *FGM – *Women in Prison – *Women & Religion, Belief – *Women & The Environment – *Women & The Sustainable Development Goals

For more information, please contact Lois A. Herman – Coordinator of WUNRN and WUNRN EUROPE: